The United Van Lines’ Labor Training Program helps make sure that your goods are handled and moved professionally. Learn more about how we train our staff below.

Labor Training: Packers & Movers

Firstly, every packer and mover must attend all classes for their specific certification. Packer training includes packing fragile items, home decorating accessories, and electronics.

Mover training includes safe lifting and moving of equipment, wrapping, protecting the residence, disassembly, loading, unloading, and unpacking. The safety of both our employees and our customers is important to us.

On the Job Training

Trainees continue their knowledge on the job, where they are able to gain real-life experience.

For an individual to be certified as a packer or mover, he or she will have:

  • 30 hours of classroom training
  • Orientation review
  • 200 hours on the job
  • Demonstrated mastery of 80 skills
  • A final review for either packer or mover certification

For an individual to be certified both as a packer and mover, he or she will have:

  • 50 hours of classroom training
  • 400 hours of field training
  • Demonstrated mastery of 160 skills and competencies
  • A final review for both packer and mover certification

Making sure our crews are trained to provide the utmost quality services to you is important. We take pride in our seasoned team and all they have accomplished. Learn more about our Quality Labor Training Program and how it will positively impact your relocation.

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