If you are new to the relocation and logistics industry, it may be hard to fully comprehend what all the industry jargon means. When coordinating a project with a logistics company, it is important to know all the terms that will be frequently used throughout the process. Check out this list of common logistics lingo and their definitions.

FTL (Full Truckload): The shipment loaded onto the trailer is at maximum capacity, or maximum weight.

LTL (Less than Full Truckload): The shipment loaded does not require use of the entire trailer. This term will be typically used if a shipment weighs between 150 and 15,000 pounds.

OTR (Over the Road): Transportation mode for shipping materials long-distance, rather than locally.

DOT (Department of Transportation): The federal department responsible for regulating the trucking industry in the United States.

ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival): A designated time frame that a truck will arrive at either origin or destination.

BOL (Bill of Lading): A legal document that lists all details of the shipment, and acts as a receipt from the carrier given to the individual accepting the shipment.

POD (Proof of Delivery): A document that indicates a shipment was received in full.

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit): A product identification code used to track inventory items.

SIT (Storage in Transit): Temporary storage of shipper’s goods, pending further transportation at a later date.

Shipper: The person or customer receiving the shipment.

Carrier: The commercial business that transports the shipments to the customers and their suppliers.

Dispatch: The department that coordinates with drivers and communicates with them regularly to ensure shipments are scheduled and delivered to customers.

Driver: The individual who operates the tractor trailer and drives it to the intended destination.

Owner Operator: A self-employed commercial truck driver that operates tractor trailers for a living, usually hired by the carrier to deliver a shipment.

Drayage: Transporting a shipment over a short distance.

Linehaul: Standard cost of moving a shipment from one city to another.

Tariff: Indicates the cost and contract of a shipment between the shipper and carrier.

Order Number: A number indicated on a bill of lading that helps identify the shipper’s order.

We hope you find our list of logistics lingo helpful when working with a transportation company on your next project. If you are in need of assistance with an upcoming project and are in search of logistics experts, reach out to our award-winning logistics team at Fry-Wagner at 800-394-0049!