Moving your company’s electronics is a big task. Fry-Wagner wants to ensure your computers and other important devices arrive at destination safely and fully functional. With careful planning and handling you can rest easy knowing all your important pieces of technology are transported with care.

Fry-Wagner’s technical disconnect-reconnect experts are here to help your company with the proper handling of all electronics during your commercial relocation project! Fry-Wagner’s IT team will work closely with your management team, to develop a comprehensive plan in order to move all your equipment in a timely manner. All requested electronic equipment will be properly disconnected, secured for transport, and reconnected at destination.

Technical Disconnect/Reconnect Support Services:

  • Full disconnect of every computer, scanner, printer, and other electronic devices
  • Blanket wrapping of all large devices
  • Packing all small items into large bags with zip closure
  • Full reconnect of every computer, scanner, printer, and other electronic devices
  • Verify component connectivity, to ensure your devices are in proper working condition.

Why choose Fry-Wagner for your IT relocation needs?

Fry-Wagner’s IT team will reduce downtime and save your company money. We are dedicated to providing quality service, from start to finish. Contact Fry-Wagner today to learn more about how our IT disconnect-reconnect services!

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