Fry-Wagner’s Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) Division knows that managing a supply chain is complex, so we will design a solution tailored to your project needs. Let Fry-Wagner show the way to more efficient logistics.

Fry-Wagner’s Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) Services division is ready to service your retail, hospitality, educational, or healthcare transition needs. Fry-Wagner is well-versed in handling all facets of these diverse service needs and focuses on each project as a “whole”, not just on the movement of product.  Our global capabilities span millions of square feet of warehouse space, and thousands of experienced professionals are ready to service your FF&E requirements. Our goal is to exceed your expectations on every project we handle!

Furniture Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) Services:

  • New construction and renovation of hotels, schools and medical facilities that are limited on space and have a time-sensitive deadline
  • On-site carpet cutting facilities
  • Climate and humidity-controlled warehousing utilizing bar code tracking
  • All modes of transportation-air sea, freight and parcel
  • Common carriage, premium and expedited service
  • Consolidation in either domestic or foreign facility
  • Critical path installation and turnover schedule assurance
  • Minimization of warehouse costs by directly shipping when possible
  • Proper packaging and logistics bars utilized to ensure minimal damage
  • Transitional sign-off of each hotel room from the general contractor to the installation team to properly track responsibility
  • “White glove” service with 100% attention to detail
  • Web-based detailed reporting with comprehensive information selection and real-time data availability

Why choose Fry-Wagner for your FF&E Needs?

Partnering with Fry-Wagner offers you greater time efficiency, cost reduction, increased ease of doing business with a single source of accountability – regardless of the size or length of time of the project. This in turn will provide you with peace of mind that tenured logistics professionals are handling all the details of your important logistics project!

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