It is important that your computers and tablets arrive at the destination safely and fully functional. With careful planning and packing, your electronic devices will be protected from damage. Learn more information about how to move your computer!

How to Prepare Your Computer  for the Move

Make a backup of your valuable work, files, and personal and financial data to store in a safe place such as a lockbox, or keep with you at all times. Remove any CD’s or DVD’s from the computers and secure the drive door(s).

Packing and Shipping Preparation

If you have the original box your computer or tablet came in, it is best to pack it in there for moving. The rigid foam packing material will hold the system securely in place. In the event the original box is not available, your carrier can provide a sturdy container and packing materials. Other accessories such as cables, routers, external drives, speakers, and keyboards should be carefully packed in a sturdy box.

Moving a Printer

The original packing box and material is the best choice for transport because the foam is customized to fit each printer. Remove the ink or toner cartridges from the printer, put in a sealed zip bag, and take them with you. For unique printers or plotters, refer to the owner’s manual on how to secure movable parts when moving a printer.

Once delivered, allow your computer and other electronic items to adjust to room temperature before powering on.

Download our helpful how-to guide for Moving Your Computer Tips.

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