Moving is a major change for children. However, it can be an exciting time for them with proper communication and planning. 

The following tips can often help children adjust before, during, and after a family relocates to a new home.

  • Children should be included in making plans for the move. Consider taking them house hunting with you, so they feel included in the process.
  • Help your children learn about the new area.
  • Play pretend with dolls, boxes, and a wagon, so children can get a feeling of “moving”.
  • Encourage children to arrange and decorate their new rooms.
  • Children should exchange addresses and phone numbers with their friends.
  • Put together a package for each child containing snacks, clothing, and a few favorite toys for the move.
  • Take a family break!
  • Spend time after the move listening to each child talk about their new schools and new friends.
  • Accompany your children to school for the first few days.
  • Look for abnormalities (loss of appetite, insomnia, constipation, diarrhea, etc.). Contact a doctor if your child is showing any of these symptoms.
  • If your move involves suburban to rural, or vice versa, discuss with children about new situations they will face.

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