As stay-at-home orders are slowly being lifted around the country, businesses are planning to welcome back their employees to the office. As you prepare for the return of your employees, it is important to ask: What will your office space look like moving forward? The transition strategy you choose to execute during this time can be critical to the success of your business post COVID-19. We are here to answer all your questions and provide solutions on how to we can help your business transition into a new normal. Check it out below!

Will your space need to be reconfigured?

If your current workspace is communal or open concept, it may be time to consider reverting back to cubicles or distanced workspaces. This will help your employees feel comfortable with their work environment when they return, while also practicing the recommended social distancing. Fry-Wagner has the ability to do a virtual or on-site survey to help plan the best configuration for your office and workspaces.

Will some employees work remotely on a permanent basis?

If many employees will be transitioning into working remotely on a permanent basis, it is important that they have all the necessary technology and furnishings to ensure their work can be completed properly. We are here to assist with any relocation of furnishings, computers, printers, etc.. Fry-Wagner also provides professional IT Disconnect-Reconnect services.

Will you downsize and decommission office space?

If a smaller number of employees will be returning to the office since many will continue to work from home, there may be a need to downsize and decommission your current space. Our expert Commercial Movers are here to assist with disassembly, removal, and storage of all furnishings and office equipment that is no longer needed.

If downsizing and working remotely, how will you store and transfer paper documents?

Your physical records are important to have on file, but there may not be a need to keep them on-site anymore. We are here to help you safely store all important records at our secure warehouse.

Speak with one of our Commercial Relocation Experts today to learn more about how we can assist and support your business during this critical transition. We want to ensure that your business is back on track, so you can easily get back to growing your business!