When moving, full-value protection gives you peace of mind that your items are covered in case of damage. Valuation is a term commonly used in the moving industry. It is defined as the customer’s declaration of the value of his or her household goods in the event of loss or damage during the move process. It is important to know which coverage option is best for you.

Valuation Options

When planning a move with Fry-Wagner, you will be given two options of coverage during your move. Basic coverage is offered free of charge to all customers. If damage were to occur to one of your items, you would be refunded $.60 per pound per article, if deemed transit damage.

Full-Value Protection is the best form of coverage available to you. With full-value protection, if any item is lost, destroyed or damaged during the move process, Fry-Wagner will either repair, replace with articles of like kind and quality or offer a cash settlement for the items, if the damage was caused by the movers.

Full-Value Protection is calculated at a rate of $6 per pound and multiplied by the weight of your total shipment. For example, if your shipment weighs 10,000 pounds, your items will be valued at $60,000.

What is a High-Value Inventory Form?

If you are moving long-distance or across state lines, you will be provided a High-Value Inventory form with Full-Value Protection. This form must be used to list all your items that are worth more than $100 per pound. Pieces of artwork, sculptures, designer handbags and clothes, and collectibles are common high-value inventory items. It is important to list all these items on this form. Without the completed form you will not receive the full replacement value of the item.

If you have more questions about Full-Value Protection or valuation in general, please contact your move coordinator or sales representative at Fry-Wagner today! For other moving-related questions, contact our experts to learn more about how we can assist you with your upcoming move.