Moving can be exciting – you’ve just bought your dream home, landed that big promotion, or upgraded your office space to one with a view! However, whether you are moving your home or your office, choosing a moving company can prove to be a stressful decision. With all the horror stories out there, it is important to keep an eye out for some of the most popular moving scams.

    1. The Upfront Cash Deposit 
      A reliable moving company should never require an upfront deposit or any kind of large payment before your move. To ensure trust in your movers and that your items will arrive at destination, the industry standard is to require payment at delivery. To avoid any moving scams, always clarify your mover’s payment terms and methods before you sign any paperwork.
    2. No Physical Address
      To protect yourself, check the moving company’s website to ensure they have a physical address in your area. Having no address or just listing a P.O. Box could be an indicator the business is not legitimate. Also check the website for licensing information. The mover you choose should be licensed and insured.
    3. Suspicious Estimates
      You can often tell the difference between an experienced moving company and fake or “rogue” movers by the type of estimate they require. Knowledgeable and legit movers will insist on a thorough in-home move survey to inspect all your belongings including closets, attics, and cabinets. The accuracy of your estimate also depends on detailed information, so your mover should ask you specific questions about your plans for the move and requested dates.

      When comparing move quotes, always be suspicious of extremely low bids. If the price seems too good to be true it, ask your mover to explain all the information. Be sure to understand all the details of the costs before you sign any moving contract.

Protect yourself from moving scams with a little research, so you can be certain you are hiring a trusted moving company. Fry-Wagner is here to help make the moving process easy for you! For more tips on how to choose a moving company or additional red flags to watch for when hiring quality movers, check out these articles on Fry-Wagner Moving & Storage’s blog.