Established in 1908, Fry-Wagner has been one of the most well-known moving and storage companies in the Midwest. We have been moving families and businesses in St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, Southern Illinois and various other cities all over the country for over 100 years! Fry-Wagner’s extensive and rich history in the moving industry helps make us the experts in relocation that we are today. Find out more about the history of our company below!

1878 – The Fry family immigrated to America and made their home in St. Louis, MO. The family soon bought a small storeroom in the city and started a repair business for stoves and ranges.

1888 – The store began to grow, so the Fry family decided to take on a new task of selling furniture, ranges and stoves. All items that were sold were delivered to customers by horse and wagon.

1904 – The World’s Fair came to St. Louis, and the Fry family took the opportunity to network with exhibit/booth operators and fair-goers. It was at this time that the Fry family met Mr. Caplan; who introduced them to the moving business. The Frys decided to go into business with Mr. Caplan, and they invested in 3 draw vans with 6-8 horses to transport furniture. At that time, unfortunately, the business was unsuccessful and the Frys went back to selling furniture.

1908 – Robert and Harry Wagner founded Wagner Brothers Moving & Storage using a horse and wagon to relocate their customers around town.

1916 – The Fry family met Robert Wagner, who was also in the moving and storage industry. He sold his business to the Frys, and two stores were opened in downtown St. Louis with 10,000 square feet of storage space.

1950 – A fire destroyed the building downtown. Fry-Wagner moved to a temporary building across the street with a storage yard while the old building was being rebuilt.

1967 – Mike Moore of Biltmore Moving and Storage decided to buy the newly built building downtown; therefore, Fry-Wagner relocated to Bridgeton, MO.

1970 – Wagner Brothers Moving & Storage is officially changed to Fry-Wagner Moving & Storage.

1981 – Fry-Wagner established a second branch in Kansas City.

1984 – Fry-Wagner became an agent for United Van Lines.

1994 – Fry-Wagner established a third branch in Springfield, MO.

1996 – Fry-Wagner relocated from the Bridgeton location to the current Earth City location.

2008 – Fry-Wagner Moving & Storage celebrated 100 years of providing quality moving and storage services.

Fry-Wagner has come a long way in the last century. We continue to serve our communities in the St. Louis, Kansas City, and Springfield area, while also assisting customers all over the country. We take pride in the roots of our history and our founders. We continue the Fry-Wagner legacy daily by working hard to give our customers the best move experience possible. With over 100 years of experience in the industry, Fry-Wagner is more than qualified to assist you with your upcoming move. Learn more about how we can assist you today!