The Task

Fry-Wagner was tasked with relocating three emergency operations departments in a county near St. Louis, MO to a newer building about 25 miles away from the original location. The county was in search of a reputable commercial moving company that could pack, transport and disassemble/reassemble all shelving and furniture. It was imperative that this move be done in a timely manner and cause as little distraction as possible to the emergency operations employees, as they have a very important job, keeping the local community safe during an emergency. Fry-Wagner took on this challenge with eagerness to ensure that the move be completed by the target date.

The Project

The first phase of the relocation was delivering all the moving supplies and equipment to each location and their respective departments. A total of 230 crates, 94 bases and 1200 office labels were delivered on site, so the packing and disassembly process could begin.

The second phase of the project began a week later when our driver and movers officially arrived on site to begin the packing and disassembly process. Fry-Wagner crews disassembled shelves and office furniture while moving filing cabinets and loading crates/miscellaneous items onto our truck. This process was repeated for all three departments at their origin location over the course of three days.

We began, the third phase of the project the next week by delivering all furniture and supplies for the three departments. Our dedicated team carefully unpacked all the items and assembled the cabinets and office furniture to help employees easily transition into their new work-space.

The final phase of the move took place on the last day, when a few of our crew-members arrived to pick up additional crates and any other debris that may have been left behind on move-in day. All three emergency operations departments were moved successfully to the new location by the middle of November 2018 and are currently working hard in their new and professional work-spaces.

Our Tools & Manpower

Fry-Wagner uses many tools and workers in order to get the job done properly and on time. Here are some common equipment pieces and number of workers that were used during this commercial relocation:

  • 230 Crates
  • 94 Bases
  • 1200 Office Labels
  • 20 4 Wheeled Dollies
  • 5 Speed Packs
  • 2 Panel Cars
  • 1 Kickback
  • Screw Gun
  • 4 Straight Trucks
  • 2 Large Lift-Gate Trucks
  • 7 Drivers
  • 15 Movers

Our team was quick to respond to the customer’s needs and provide them with the best commercial relocation services to transition them into their new offices. All three emergency operations teams can now focus on their work and continue to save lives every day. If you are interested in planning a commercial move with Fry-Wagner, contact us today to speak directly with a commercial relocation expert!