If you have an established wine collection, whether it is stored in a wine cellar or a kitchen cabinet, we understand how important it is to pack, move, and transport your collection safely. Moving a wine collection is not as simple as packing it in a box and sending it on its way. Therefore, we have put together a helpful list below on how to properly relocate your wine collection.

Take Inventory:

It is important to make a detailed inventory list of every bottle of wine you own. Include the brand, type of wine, and year.

Get an Appraisal:

Before your move, it is important to get a professional appraisal of your collection. Share your itemized inventory list with them, so they can let you know how much your collection is worth currently. If you are hiring a company to relocate your collection, share this appraisal with them so they can ensure that if any bottles get damaged during the move, they will be covered under the company’s insurance policy.

Research Moving Companies:

Research moving companies and wine shipping companies near you that are available to transport your collection. Many moving companies are forbidden to transport alcohol as it is considered hazardous material. Therefore, be sure to ask any company you choose to provide proof that they are authorized to move alcohol by the PHMSA’s Approvals and Permits Division. Do your research online and read reviews about all companies you are considering and check out their BBB rating!

Ask about the Conditions during Transport:

When selecting the company that will be relocating your wine collection, inquire about the conditions the wine will be in during transport. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can have major effects on wine. It is important that the company you choose has climate or temperature-controlled trailers or transportation options available, to regulate the conditions throughout its entire journey.

Prepare Financially:

Moving a wine collection, no matter how big or small, does not come cheap. Since companies must have special permits, climate-controlled transportation, and staff members with specialized training in relocating alcohol, moving a collection can get expensive. Do your research online or talk to friends and appraisers who have relocated collections to better understand what the average rate is for that scope of work. Once you have a base understanding of how moving your wine collection could impact you financially, make an educated decision to move forward with the relocation, or consider selling your collection and starting over at your new destination.

Pack up your Bottles:

If you have a smaller wine collection, you can save yourself some money by packing the bottles yourself. You can purchase special Styrofoam wine boxes with dividers that will keep the wine in place during transport and keep them cool. Be sure to pack the bottles lying on their side, rather than standing up. If you have a larger collection, inquire with the relocation company you have chosen if they will be packing your collection in specialized wine boxes or crates. They should be able to recommend the best packing procedure for your specific collection.

If moving your wine collection seems overwhelming, reach out to one of our moving experts today. Fry-Wagner is happy to assist you with moving your wine collection and answer any questions you may have; so you can put your feet up, uncork a bottle from your collection, and enjoy your new home!