Pool tables can be one of the most challenging items to relocate. It is important to make sure the individuals moving the pool table are aware of the size, weight and process of how to properly disassemble and protect the table from damage. It is highly recommended that you hire professional movers to relocate a pool table, but if you are planning to do it yourself follow our tips below on how to properly move a pool table.

Obtain Proper Tools and Equipment:

It is important to have the proper tools and equipment to disassemble the pool table safely and efficiently. The most important equipment pieces you will need are a flathead screwdriver, staple remover, power drill, needle-nose pliers, level, socket wrench, safety goggles and a dolly to help move the heavy slabs.

Original Directions:

Locate the original owner’s manual and directions on how to disassemble and reassemble your pool table. If you have misplaced the directions, you can most likely find them online. Follow the disassembly directions closely to ensure that you are properly taking apart the pool table. Keep all hardware in plastic bags and label them, to make reassembly easier.


Protect your pool table for transport; you can do so by obtaining proper packing and furniture protection. You will need moving blankets and shrink wrap to protect the heavy slate. Wrap the slab diligently in the moving blankets then use the shrink wrap over the blankets to secure them and add an extra layer of protection. For the smaller pieces use packing paper, bubble wrap, and packing tape. You can wrap up the pool cues, cue racks, ball racks and pool balls with the packing materials.

Get Help:

If you have chosen to forgo the professional moving route for your pool table, it is important that your helpers are strong and able bodied in order to move the pool table. Pool tables on average weigh between 150 to 250 lbs1, so it is important to have enough strength to properly move the table without injury. Excluding yourself, rally about 3 to 4 additional people to help.

Using a Proper Vehicle:

You will need a vehicle with adequate space to transport the table. A pick-up truck or SUV will not be large enough to safely transport the table. You can either rent a moving truck or hire the professionals at Fry-Wagner who will not only disassemble, move and reassemble your pool table, but we will also transport it in one of our quality moving trucks. It is imperative to also properly secure the table inside the truck to prevent damages to both the pool table and other items in the truck.


Once you have arrived at your destination and moved all the parts to the table to the proper location in the new home, carefully unwrap all pieces and locate the hardware for reassembly. Follow the original manual or online directions to properly assemble the table.

Moving a pool table can be a difficult process if you are not prepared to take on the task. We hope that our tips are helpful to you in the moving process. If you still feel that moving your pool table is daunting, call the experts at Fry-Wagner to assist you with your move! Give us a call to learn more about how you can receive a free in-home estimate!