Summer is just around the corner, which means backyard BBQ’s are too! If you are planning a move this summer, we want to ensure that your grill or BBQ pit is properly cared for throughout your move. Follow our helpful tips on moving grills and BBQ pits below, so you can ensure this backyard essential will fire up with ease when you’re ready to use it!

  1. Remove all Flammable Objects:

Remove all propane tanks or charcoal briquettes from the grill. Unscrew the propane tank at the base of the grill and empty the fuel. If you have a BBQ pit or kettle that uses charcoal or wood chips, dispose of all charcoal briquettes and wood chips, and clean thoroughly. Remember, professional moving companies are not allowed to transport flammable or combustible materials.

  1. Pack Removable Parts:

Place all removable parts and utensils in bag or box, label clearly, and pack away with kitchen essentials. This will make the grill lighter and ensure that no accessories are lost along the way.

  1. Wrap Grill:

Wrap the grill or pit carefully with a cellophane wrap or moving blanket and packing tape to prevent dents and scratches. If you are moving with Fry-Wagner, point out your grill to your lead to ensure that your grill is properly wrapped and protected.

  1. Prep Grill for Relocation:

Ensure that the lid is closed and secure before transit and leave all handles and wheels uncovered, so it can be easily moved. If wheels have a locking mechanism, make sure they remain unlocked.

Once your grill or BBQ pit has arrived at your new home, unwrap, reassemble and install all removable parts, and replace your propane tank, charcoal, or wood chips; so it is ready to use when you host your first BBQ of the season! For more questions about moving odd ball items or to schedule a free in-home estimate, reach out to one of our moving experts today. Enjoy your home and have a great summer!