Fish tanks are not only focal points and conversation pieces in a home, but they are also sanctuaries for the beautiful fish who are also important members of your family. When planning a move, a fish tank can be difficult to prepare and relocate. If you are planning an upcoming move and have never moved a fish tank before, it can seem overwhelming. With our five helpful tips below, we can help you plan, prepare, and accomplish a safe relocation of your fish tank.

  1. Get Supplies

It is important to have all the proper supplies you will need to keep your fish safe and properly protect the tank itself. Some common supplies you will need are fishnet(s), clean 5-gallon buckets, siphon hose, bubble wrap, foam insulation sheets, packing paper, and moving boxes.

  1. Prep your Fish

Preparing your fish for a relocation is essential for their health. Stop feeding your fish 24-48 hours before moving day. This prevents them from producing harmful waste when they are confined to bags during transport. For transport of smaller fish, fill clean plastic baggies with water from the tank. Using your fishnet, carefully scoop them up and place them in the bags softly. Place the bags in a sturdy empty cooler to keep them cool and protected. For larger fish, fill your 5-gallon buckets with water from the tank and add your fish carefully using the fishnet. Put no more than 4-5 fish in one bucket. Secure the lid, and tape it shut to prevent leakage.

  1. Clean the Tank

Unplug the tank, remove all accessories and pack them away. Pack any plant life in a bucket, submerging them in water from the tank. Bubble wrap and pack all tank equipment such as heaters, pumps, lights, etc. Keep the filter damp and pack in a secure container with a lid. Using the siphon hose, drain all water in the tank. Transfer the water into another 5-gallon bucket, so it can be reused at the new location. Re-using the water from the tank will keep fish from going into shock when placed back into the tank.

  1. Pack and Move the Tank

Remove the lid from the aquarium, bubble wrap, and pack in a moving box. Fill the empty tank with as much insulated foam sheets and packing paper as possible to prevent scratching and shifting. If moving the tank yourself, put it in your vehicle and make sure it is secure throughout the entire trip. If you have hired movers, be sure to let your movers know the tank is fragile and to take extra care during the relocation.

  1. Unpack the Tank

Once at the destination, immediately start unpacking your tank to ensure the safety of your fish. Set up all tank equipment, put all accessories back in the tank, and fill the tank back up with the water collected from the origin. Check the water temperature, PH, chlorine, and ammonia levels. If all levels check out, place your fish back in the tank by carefully scooping them out of the bucket or placing baggies in the water and opening them.

Moving odd-ball items like fish tanks can be difficult, but with the helpful advice from Fry-Wagner, we can make your move a little bit easier. We can also assist in every aspect of your relocation. Contact us today to learn more about how Fry-Wagner can help you make your move!