Artwork and sculptures are some of our customers most prized possessions. These pieces are statements in the home and are typically worth a large amount of money. It is important that all pieces of art and sculptures are properly protected throughout the entire move. Paintings, artwork and sculptures need to be crated to safely transport or move. Crating is the process of building a wooden case around the piece of value to protect it from sliding and other damaging conditions. Follow these additional tips on how to properly move artwork and sculptures to ensure they are protected and properly cared for during the move!

  1. Properly Wrapping Artwork

Avoid wrapping oil paintings in paper because there is a high chance that the paper will stick to the painting. If your artwork is framed, wrap the piece in bubble wrap, cling wrap or paper. Create an “X” across the glass for added strength and to keep it from shattering during transport. Canvas artwork can be wrapped with un-printed newsprint or brown paper to prevent the ink from transferring onto the paint.

  1. Properly Packing Artwork

Smaller pieces of art can be boxed in mirror cartons. Larger pieces of artwork will need to be crated to ensure they are safely transported. Crating is typically done by a third-party service company provided by your moving company. Crating allows extra protection and stability, especially for large or valuable pieces.

  1. Properly Wrapping Sculptures

Sculptures come in all shapes and sizes, so it is important that they are wrapped and properly cared for depending on their size and fragility. If the sculpture can be safely disassembled, do so and wrap each piece carefully in bubble wrap and packing paper. If the sculpture cannot be disassembled wrap its entirety carefully, especially more fragile parts with bubble wrap and cling wrap.

  1. Properly Packing Sculptures

All sculptures need to be crated. If your sculptures are museum quality or extremely large, travel crates can be used and typically feature built-in frameworks, padding, custom cribbing and cushioning.

We want to ensure all items in your move are properly cared for, especially your valued artwork and sculptures. We hope that our tips give you the confidence you need to ensure that your valued pieces are cared for and moved properly. If you have additional questions or concerns, please consult a professional mover or fine art moving company like Fry-Wagner. For more information on the move process, or to schedule a free in-home estimate, speak with one of our moving experts today!