Today is National Video Game Day! We know how valuable and important some gaming consoles can be, especially arcade machines. Pinball or other coin operated machines are expensive and often sentimental to their owners, so it is important to ensure they are properly cared for throughout your move. Check out our list of quick tips on how to safely relocate your arcade machines during your move below.

  1. Remove all Loose Articles from the Machine

Loose articles include pinballs, coins, or other removable parts.

  1. Disassemble

If your machine has a foldable backbox be sure to slowly lower the backbox down onto the playfield. Remove front and back legs of the machine, wrap and pack in a separate box. Carefully lower the playfield flat on the ground.

  1. Wrap the Machine

Once your machine has been disassembled and lowered, carefully secure the backbox to the playfield by wrapping it with a heavy-duty plastic wrap. Stand the machine on end so the coin door is facing up. Wrap the entirety of the machine in blankets (preferably moving blankets) to protect the exterior of the game.

  1. Safely Move it to the new Location

To relocate the machine on your own, strap the machine to a dolly or hand truck so you can easily move it onto the moving van and into your new home. If you are using a moving company, they will take care of all the above steps for you.

  1. Reassemble

Once your arcade machine has safely arrived at your new home, carefully reassemble all the parts that were removed, plug it in, and enjoy!

If moving your home arcade seems like a larger undertaking than you are prepared for, reach out to one of our moving experts today. Fry-Wagner’s amazing partner network of third-party services are more than willing to help you disassemble, relocate, and assemble all arcade machines. We hope your new home arcade is a blast!