Houses are flying off the market due to low interest rates, which means families all over the country are moving now more than ever. One of the best parts of a move is throwing your first housewarming party and gathering with friends and family in your new home. However, it can be hard to navigate how to safely throw a housewarming party during a pandemic. Check out 4 different ways to throw your housewarming party during COVID-19 below.

Virtual Party

If you are not comfortable with having anyone in your home, we recommend throwing a virtual party! Send out a virtual invitation on Facebook or an e-vite asking your family and friends to join on a Zoom call at a specific day and time. Take them all on a tour of your new home and highlight your favorite things about each room. A few weeks ahead of time, consider shipping out your favorite bottle of wine to attendees or a recipe for a signature cocktail, so you all can sip the same drink during the call. You can even get creative and name your signature cocktail after your new address. If any attendees send you gifts ahead of time, open them during the call and thank them personally.

Outdoor Party

Take the party outside! If you have a yard or communal outdoor space, invite a small group of your closest friends and family to join you for a backyard party. The CDC recommendation is 10 or less people in a group. Therefore, if you have many close friends and family, we suggest hosting them on separate days. Have a local restaurant cater the party, be sure to use tongs and always keep the food covered. Plan some fun but COVID friendly social distancing activities such as cornhole, kickball, washers, or bocce ball. Have masks, sanitizing wipes, and hand sanitizer readily available for guests to use. If your guests would like a tour of your new home, post a sign-up sheet, so you can take your guests on individual tours at designated times.

Drive-By Party

Invite friends and family to drive by your new home on a specific day during a designated window of time. Have a table set up with party favors to thank your guests for coming by, and a gift table. If you are comfortable with having guests in your home, take them on a walk through one at a time. If you are not comfortable with having guests in your home, record a virtual walk through and bring a tablet or television outside and play it on a loop for guests to view as they come by.

Housewarming Week

Schedule a small group of family or friends to come by on different days for a tour of your new home. Have disposable face masks and individual hand sanitizers ready for them to use as they come in the door. Leave all your doors open and lights on, so guests do not have to touch doorknobs or light switches. After the walk through, offer your group a canned or bottled beverage and give them an individually wrapped treat or party favor to thank them for stopping by.

We want everyone to get a chance to safely show off their new home, and experience all the joy that comes with sharing your space with family and friends! If you are planning an upcoming move, trust the experts at Fry-Wagner to assist you every step of the way. Give us a call today to learn more about the moving and storage services we provide.