The first step in planning any move process is to always receive an in-home estimate; but do you know how to read a moving estimate? Different companies have different regulations, terms, and pricing. It can be difficult to understand each estimate if you aren’t familiar with moving lingo. At Fry-Wagner we always make sure our estimates are transparent and straightforward so there are no surprises. That is why we have put together a quick guide on how to easily read your moving estimate below.

Important Dates: When reading your estimate from the beginning you will notice that the first most important pieces of information are your pack, load and delivery dates. A pack date is only for customers who have agreed to pay for packing services. The pack date typically occurs the day before the load date. The load date is the day that the movers will come to your home to move all furniture and boxes into the truck. Depending on the size of your shipment for a long distance move, and the amount of miles it takes to arrive at your destination, you will have a delivery spread of anywhere between 2-23 days. It is important to discuss all your move dates with your estimator to make sure that these dates work best with your schedule.

How to read a moving estimate

Weight: It is important to know the weight of your shipment. There are two different weights to be aware of. When you first receive your estimate you will notice something called the bound weight. This is the estimated weight that your surveyor was able to generate based on his walk through. Once all your items have been loaded onto the truck, the truck will be weighed. This weight is called the actual weight. This is the final weight of your shipment. Fry-Wagner provides a do not exceed binding estimate. This means that if your actual weight is more than your bound weight, the cost of your move will not increase. If the actual weight is less than the bound weight, the cost will decrease.

Valuation: In the moving business, valuation is a common term for insurance. Every customer automatically receives basic coverage of $.60 per lb., per article. There is also a full value protection option. Full coverage amounts vary depending on the size of your shipment.

moving estimate valuation

Packing: If you have chosen to have Fry-Wagner perform packing services, you can find a list of all the boxes needed to pack your items on the second page of your estimate. The price of packing is dependent upon how many boxes are needed. The final price for packing is already included within the final estimated quote.

Third Party Services: There are some items you may be moving that need to be handled with extra care. Some of these items include pianos, pool tables, large statues/artwork, televisions, trampolines, sleep number beds, and appliances. All of these items would be handled by a third party service. The third page of your estimate will have a breakdown of any third party services that may take place during your move. These services are also included in the final estimated quote.

Terms and Conditions: It is important when receiving any kind of important document to read the terms and conditions. As a customer it is important for you to know all the rules and regulations regarding your move. If there is anything you don’t understand, or need clarification on, feel free to reach out to your estimator with any questions you may have.

Explanation of Terms: On the last page of the estimate is a section with an explanation of terms. These terms are important to learn, so you can better understand your estimate and any lingo that your estimator, coordinator, driver, packers, and movers may use throughout your move process.

Understanding your estimate will make your move process much easier and less stressful. It is important to know your moving dates, shipment weight, valuation coverage, terms and conditions, and all the services that you will be charged for. If any questions ever arise always reach out to your estimator or your move coordinator. Contact Fry-Wagner at any time with any additional questions you may have about your move or to schedule a free in-home estimate today!