Are you looking to relocate your office?  There are many reason that will prompt an office move from remodeling, downsizing, the need for a bigger space, etc. It can be difficult to know where to begin in order to plan the move process. You should begin any move process by developing a checklist to help stay organized and on schedule. Below you will find a checklist to help make your office move a stress-free process.

  • Establish a move date Determine which date works best for you move, then you can easily work backwards to plan out all the things that need to be done before move-in day.
  • Alert your staff Involving your staff is extremely important. This could be a big adjustment for many, especially if their commute to work is going to increase. Keep an open line of communication and encourage them to get involved in the move process by assisting in organizing the office.
  • Hire professionals Moving an entire office is not an easy task. Hiring professional movers is a must. Put together a list of moving companies in your area and do your research. Fry-Wagner’s  team of office moving professionals are experts in providing commercial moving services. You will work directly with our Commercial Consultants and Project Managers who will coordinate the entire process from prepping, and packing to transport, and delivery.
  • Configure your new space – Planning the layout of your new office will make moving in much easier. A detailed plan will also help the office stay organized and eliminate downtime. It is best to know ahead of time where you want all your items to go rather than scrambling to make decisions at the last minute. It is also helpful to ensure that the new office has telephone service and a network setup before move- in day.
  • Be informative- Update all your vendors, partners, employees, and any other important personnel on your move. Inform them of important dates and changes to ease any confusion that may arise. Don’t forget to let everyone know the new address!
  • Follow up- Once the move is complete, ask your employees how they felt about the commercial relocation process, and if they are comfortable in their new space. Review your moving company online so others can be informed of your experience, and also follow up with vendors and partners to let them know you have officially moved to the new location.

If you are planning an office move, partner with Fry-Wagner Moving and Storage. We are here to help you every step of the way so you have more time to care for your company and your team. Our Certified Office and Industrial Consultants (COIC) and Project Management pros have planned, managed, and supervised some of the largest commercial relocation projects in U.S. history; as well as orchestrating many of the smallest. Contact Fry-Wagner today to learn more about the office moving process!