Coordinating a move is a stressful task for just about anyone, but planning a move across the world can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to coordinate schedules, deliveries, and flights, but you will also have to adapt to a new culture! An international move takes a lot of time and preparation and not to mention a lot of patience. Luckily, Fry-Wagner, your international mover, has developed a list of helpful tips to help you prepare for your big move below!

Choose your destinationYou probably already have a destination in mind, but it is important to decide on a physical address, along with an idea of a move-in date before coordinating your move. This allows you to plan out your entire move accordingly.

BudgetThere are many expenses that go along with moving to a new country, so it is important to establish a budget. Staying within your budget will allow you to have more spending money upon arrival at your destination for necessities. Make sure to research and inquire about the country’s import taxes and duties, so you will not be surprised by any unexpected expenses.

DownsizeThe key to moving across the world, efficiently and within budget, is to get rid of all unnecessary items. Shipping items to a different country can be very costly, so it is important to take only the necessities. Large pieces of furniture tend to be the most expensive to ship, so in most cases, it will be cheaper to buy new furniture upon arrival at your destination. If there is no room in your budget to buy new furniture, try to find a fully furnished home to help save on cost.

Talk to professionalsThis is most likely uncharted territory for you, so talk with professional international relocation companies to get information on moving internationally. Ask for an in-home moving estimate, so you can have an idea of what your moving costs will be. With this information, you can either decide to hire a mover or ship your items through FedEx or UPS. Professional movers can also give you some insight on required documents and international policies regarding your upcoming relocation.

Confirm your move dateCheck with your realtor or leasing agent to confirm a move-in date. If you have chosen an international mover, let the company know your move date, so they can schedule the shipping and delivery of your household goods accordingly. The sooner you can let your movers know, the better. Advance notice helps avoid any delays due to missing paperwork or capacity issues.

Reserve a plane ticketOnce you have confirmed your move date with both your relator/leasing agent and your mover; reserve your plane ticket to ensure your travel dates line up with your move date. If you have chosen to use an international mover, it is important to not reserve your plane ticket until your move date has been confirmed with the company. This will prevent you from being without your household goods for an extended amount of time, once you arrive at your new destination.

PackPack all the necessary items you plan to ship or take with you on the airplane. Remember to pack as efficiently as possible. Folding clothes military style will save on space in your suitcase. When packing your household goods, try to keep your boxes lightweight; the heavier they are, the more expensive they will be to ship. Be sure to keep important documents on your person at all times.

Ship items Whether you have chosen to ship your household goods on your own or hired a moving company, have the items shipped a few weeks before your move-in date. It may take a week or more to get your items shipped to where they need to go, so it is important to ship them within a reasonable time frame. Once your items have been shipped and are in route to your new home, you can prepare yourself for your upcoming travel schedule.

There are a lot of things to consider when moving to a new country, that’s why it is so important to plan out your move. Begin planning the move process at least a couple of months ahead of time to ensure you are prepared. If you are beginning to feel overwhelmed at any time during the move process, call the professionals at Fry-Wagner to help! Our award winning team is experienced in coordinating international moves, and would be happy to assist you. Contact us today to learn more about our international move process or to receive a quote!