Spring is finally here! After a long and cold winter around most of the United States, many are happy to see the sun shining and the temperatures rising. Unfortunately, the arrival of spring also means that allergy season is upon us. Allergies can be an annoying daily battle for many individuals this time of the year, and it can sometimes get even worse during a move. If you are planning a move this spring, check out some of our tips on how to plan an allergy conscious move.

Clean Both Homes

Before you begin packing up your current home, it is important to do a deep clean. This will help reduce the dust and allergens that may be stirred up on move-out day. If possible, also do a deep clean at your new home before move-in day to reduce dust and allergens there too. It is suggested to wear a mask and gloves when cleaning your home(s), so you don’t breathe in all the dust.

Check for Pets

Before you close on your new home, ask the sellers if they had any pets living in the home. If so, it is important to have all carpets and air ducts cleaned before move-in day. This is something you may be able to negotiate in your contract, or you may have these services done yourself. Whether you are allergic to pets or not, pet dander carries many allergens found outdoors and dust mites, so it is important to rid your new home of as much pet hair as possible.

Check the Weather

On moving day, check your local weather forecast. Be sure to pay close attention to the mold and pollen counts. If counts are high, consider extra precaution during the move such as taking over-the-counter allergy medication or wearing a mask to minimize breathing in allergens.

Have all Medications on Hand

Whatever medications you may take to help reduce the side effects of your allergies, have them with you at all times. This may include over-the-counter or prescribed allergy medication, nasal spray, inhalers or epi-pens. These items should not be packed away!

Ask your Movers to be Conscious of your Allergies

Few moving companies take the time to consider their customer’s allergies during a move. Moving stirs up many particles in the home that can become irritating. Fry-Wagner Moving and Storage has a specialized service to lower the risk of allergens during a move. One crew will strictly work inside the home, while the other works outside. The outside crew passes items on to the inside crew, lowering the risk of bringing in allergens from outside. The inside crew can also wear booties on their feet, upon request, to reduce the risk or tracking in even more allergens.

If you are struggling with allergies and are planning to move in the next few weeks, consider the easy steps above to help reduce the risk of having allergy attacks. Also, don’t forget that Fry-Wagner can help you plan an allergy conscious move using an indoor/outdoor crew. We are here to serve you and ensure your move process goes smoothly. Contact us today to learn more!