Packing books can be a difficult task when it comes to moving. Books are heavy, made of different materials, and are of different shapes and sizes. The more books you have, the more boxes will be needed to pack them, which can cause clutter and stress throughout your move process. Check out our quick tips on how to pack books below, so you can pack easily and efficiently!

Purge Unwanted Books: The fewer books you have to pack, the better! Donate or sell any books you do not intend to read anymore. It will save you a lot of time and will make the packing process easier!

Grab a Box: Once you have selected the books you intend to take with you, find a medium-sized box. Make sure the box is sturdy and does not have any holes, rips, or punctures. Fill the bottom of the box with packing paper to create a barrier of protection.

Pack Smart: Properly distribute the weight of your books by packing books in similar weight and size with their spines alternating up and down.

Pack Carefully: Any valuable books you have such as expensively bound books, original editions, special editions, or books with sentimental value like photo albums should be separated and individually wrapped with packing paper. It is recommended that you stick a piece of cardboard in between each of these books to help keep their shape during the move.

Pack Light: Books are heavy! Be sure to distribute the weight of your books evenly so your boxes are easy to carry. The weight of the boxes can add up fast, so it is important to not overpack your book boxes.

Packing books can be easy if you follow our steps above! For more information on packing tips or planning your upcoming move, contact us today!