Moving away from family and friends is difficult, and it can be difficult to make new friends and establish new relationships within your community. The easiest individuals to build a relationship with after a move are your new neighbors. However, it can be awkward getting to know your new neighbors at first, but we have put together a list of simple tips to help break the ice and make some new friends.

Find Someone Approachable:

Once you have settled into your new home and are more familiar with your neighborhood, observe those around you and pick out a few neighbors that you might have a few things in common with in the community. Look for someone close to your age or someone who has an overall easy-going demeanor. If you are struggling to find someone, you are comfortable approaching, try talking to your neighbors who live right next door.

Introduce Yourself:

Once you have found someone to connect with, introduce yourself with a simple hello and tell them your name. Be sure to listen closely to their name once they introduce themselves too, so you don’t forget it the next time you see them around. Try using a mnemonic device to remember their name if you struggle with memorizing names.

Make Conversation:

To make simple conversation you can give your neighbor a compliment, comment on the weather, or ask them questions about your new neighborhood. Once you have initiated the conversation, topics of conversation should easily flow from the both of you.

Express Yourself:

A little self-expression can go a long way so be sure to show your new neighbors who you really are! Show some good humor and break down the awkward barrier between you and your neighbor.

Bring a Treat:

Everyone loves free food, and it will be sure to get you some brownie points with your new neighbors (no pun intended). Bring over a batch of cookies, brownies, cupcakes, or even donuts with a morning cup of coffee. This small gesture will make you memorable and give you something to discuss.


Listening is key when it comes to establishing any kind of relationship. Listening to your neighbors will help you understand and learn more about them and your new community. Show them that you are interested and actively listening by reiterating what they have said and give them feedback on the topic.

Keep up the Communication:

Continue to make an effort to speak to your neighbor whenever you have the chance. Whether it’s a simple good morning hello on your way out the door to work, or a full sit down conversation on your porch, it is important to keep an open line of communication in order to establish a friendship. Over time the relationship should continue to grow.

Invite your Neighbors Over:

Once you have established a relationship where you feel comfortable enough to have your neighbors over, try to throw a small get-together. Invite them for dinner or to watch a big game on TV. Include their spouses and children in the invite, so everyone feels welcome. Spending and extended amount of time with your neighbors is a sure way to establish a long-lasting friendship.

Fry-Wagner has been moving families all over the country for over 100 years! We understand how difficult it can be to relocate to a new place and make new friends. We hope that our helpful tips will encourage you to befriend your new neighbors. For more helpful moving tips, or for help with your upcoming move call for a free in-home estimate today!