Our hospitals have always been essential to our communities, but now more than ever, they have become the most important industry in our nation. At Fry-Wagner, we understand that circumstances surrounding COVID-19 are constantly changing, and medical leaders are faced with tough decisions and challenges daily in order to keep their staff and patients safe. Relocation of medical equipment, offices, and the storage of important documents should be the last thing hospitals have to worry about during a global pandemic. Fry-Wagner is here to assist hospitals with all the relocation needs. Learn more about how we can help below.

Relocating Medical Equipment

Fry-Wagner has experience in relocating valuable medical equipment such as medical beds, laboratory equipment, MRI machines, and much more. No matter what the piece of equipment may be and no matter where it needs to be relocated or stored, Fry-Wagner will handle all valuable pieces with professionalism and care. We want to ensure that your equipment is relocated safely, so it can be used efficiently to help save lives.

Relocating Medical Offices

Offices around the country have closed or transitioned into safer work environment by limiting the number of employees in the office, or having employees work from home. If your offices are in need of downsizing or decommissioning, our expert Commercial Movers are here to assist with disassembly, removal, and storage of all furnishings and office equipment that is no longer needed.

Storage of Important Records

Physical records are important to have on file, but there may not be a need to keep them on-site. We are here to help you safely store all important records at our secure warehouse. Our professional staff will work with you to develop a comprehensive record storage program. Most importantly, our program allows you to access your inventory in real-time 24/7, through our web-based inventory management software, and schedule delivery and pick-up services as needed.

Fry-Wagner is here to assist hospitals with all their relocation needs safely and efficiently during COVID-19. Thank you to all medical staff who are risking their lives daily to save others during this trying time. For more information on how we can assist your hospital, contact one of our commercial relocation experts today!