At Fry-Wagner, we take pride in being a full service moving company, so we can make your move easier. Our white glove services provide our customers with service that goes beyond standard expectations of a traditional move. Learn more about our white glove services and how Fry-Wagner strives to provide the best care for your goods below.

Custom Crating

We want to ensure that all your goods are properly protected and cared for during your relocation. Our custom crating services will protect your valuables such as large flat-screen televisions, artwork, sculptures, and other large items. Our expert crews will build your crate on-site, pack, load and deliver to your new location with ease.

Home Cleaning Services

Fry-Wagner is happy to partner with amazing cleaning companies all over the country that help unpack, clean and organize your home after your move. We are happy to take one less thing off your plate and provide cleaning teams that will assist you in making your house feel like a home!

Electronic Disconnect & Reconnect

You can arrange to have your computers, televisions, wireless networks, home theatre systems, etc. disconnected and reconnected at your destination. We will work closely with you to ensure all electronics are properly disconnected, packed, transported and reconnected, so you and your family can start using your favorite electronics at your new home as soon as possible.

Debris Removal

There is no better feeling during a move than unpacking your last box. But, with empty boxes comes a lot of clutter. We want to make sure your home is free of boxes and debris. You can easily schedule a debris removal with the Fry-Wagner team. Simply break down your boxes and place them out of the way or in your garage. One of our expert crews will stop by and pick them up for you!

Quality Control

Providing quality services to all our customers is our number one goal! Therefore, we have full-time quality control managers available to ensure that all is going well. If you have any questions or concerns our quality assurance team is happy to help and make your move process smooth at both origin and destination.

Our white glove services are one of the many reasons that people all over the country trust Fry-Wagner with their moves. With over a century of experience as a full-service moving company, Fry-Wagner is proud to be an industry expert. Learn more about our white glove services, and how we can make your move easier today!