A portable storage container can be a useful tool when taking on a big project. Whether you are selling your home, remodeling, moving on a tight budget, or even staging your home, a portable storage container can help you get organized and save space. If you are new to using a portable storage container, you may find yourself wondering how to pack all your belongings into the space. Check out these five tips on how to pack a portable storage container below, to ensure your belongings are handled with care.

  1. Gather packing suppliesBefore you can even begin packing your unit, you will need to have the essential packing supplies. Some important items to have are: furniture pads, loading straps, stretch wrap, a dolly, and paper pads. The dolly is useful when moving all your heavy items into the unit. The rest of the supplies will ensure that your belongings are protected during the move.
  2. Prepare your belongings Use the packing supplies listed above to prepare and protect your belongings. Most importantly, make sure to wrap your furniture or other valuable items in the stretch wrap. This will protect your items from getting scratched or damaged. Also, be sure to put your furniture on top of a furniture pad once it is loaded into the unit.
  3. Move the heaviest items in first When loading, it is important to move the big and bulky items first. Some of these items may include a washer/dryer, refrigerator, or furniture. If there are any large gaps between these items once they are loaded, you can place heavy boxes in the empty spaces to fill in the gaps and make your packing more efficient.
  4. Pack tighter not heavier When it comes to packing, many assume that the fewer boxes you have, the more efficient your packing will be; this is not true. To ensure your portable storage container is loaded properly always put the heavier boxes on the bottom of the container and the lighter boxes on top. Do not worry if you have more boxes than you anticipated; remember to pack tighter not heavier. The more space you fill, the more secure your items will be. Packing Tips
  5. Secure all items: You will find that within the storage container there are rings to connect loading straps. These straps can be used to secure your items and prevent them from shifting, which can cause damage. Do not tighten the loading straps too firmly; otherwise you could damage your belongings. Check to see if your storage container has a transparent roof, if so, cover your belongings with a blanket or piece of cardboard to protect your items from the light.

Packing a portable storage container does not have to be a difficult process. By following the steps above and using suggested packing techniques, loading your portable storage container will be a breeze. At Fry-Wagner Moving and Storage we provide strong weatherproof portable storage containers and packing supplies to fit your needs. Each container has smooth, fiberglass reinforced walls with tie-down rings, and a heavy duty security latch for protection. If you’re in need of a portable storage container, contact us today to learn more!