In order to plan a successful relocation, it is important to find a qualified mover that you feel comfortable with having access to your most personal items. It is very important to research the moving companies you are considering using for the upcoming move, before you officially settle on the right mover for you. Unfortunately, fake movers have flooded the moving industry in recent years. These companies take advantage of their customers, and often leave them high and dry during one of the most stressful times of their lives. We want to make sure that does not happen to you! Check out these five red flags for rogue movers below!

Bad, or Non-Existent Online Reviews: Reading online reviews is crucial when choosing a moving company! Although no relocation is perfect, it is important to read both the good and bad reviews on the companies that you are considering. If you notice many bad or very few reviews on a specific company, chances are they could be a rogue mover. Be sure to pay close attention to what the review actually says. Some companies will write their own reviews in hopes to attract business. Some common fake reviews will say something similar to “I am happy with the move.” One line reviews are very uncommon in the moving industry. Remember, this is a huge life-changing event, which means that most customers will have a lot to say about their experience – whether it was good or bad.

Check out this example of a review from a real Fry-Wagner customer:

No Visual Survey: In-home estimates are so important when it comes to getting a quote for a move. Many rogue movers will give you a quote over the telephone or internet; this is a definite red flag! A mover needs to see your goods in person in order to determine the weight and size of your shipment, how many movers will be needed, what size truck is needed, how many packing boxes are needed, etc. Always be sure to pick a company that does an in-home estimate!

Cash Only Payment: When speaking with a moving company be sure to ask them about their payment options. Cash only payment options are a glaring red flag. Every accredited moving company takes credit cards or other types of payment. If a company asks you to pay for your entire move upfront (especially in cash) they are more than likely to take your payment, but never show up on your move day. This has happened countless times to many individuals planning a move, but it can easily be avoided!

No Website: We live in one of the most technologically advanced societies to date, therefore if a company does not have their own website or business page then they probably are not a legit moving company. Almost every business, big or small, has their own website. Websites allow you to research the company, their services, and find accurate contact information.

No Accreditations: Check to make sure the company is accredited by the BBB or AMSA and have high quality standards. Another good tip is to look up the mover’s USDOT number. Any company that operates commercial vehicles must be registered with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and have a USDOT number. This ensures that the company you are considering is operating legally. If a company is not backed by the BBB, a member of the AMSA, or does not have an USDOT number, it might not be a good idea to trust them with your belongings.

Trusting your personal items to strangers is never an easy thing to do, which is why it is so important to select a moving company you can trust. Fry-Wagner is an award-winning agent for United Van Lines, and has been serving the St. Louis, Kansas City, and Springfield MO areas for over 100 years! The professionals at Fry-Wagner are ready to help you plan, prepare, and perform your move. Contact us today for a free no-obligation in home estimate!