As businesses all over the world begin to think about returning employees to the office, it is more important than ever to focus on keeping employees safe and comfortable while meeting your company’s objectives. Businesses all over the world have faced many challenges and stresses in the last year, which is why we are here to help develop a solid return to work plan to bring employees back into a new and safe work environment. Check out some of our return to work tips below.

Set Office Safety Standards

The health of your employees should be the number one priority. Here are some helpful safety guidelines your business should consider mandatory for all returning employees to follow:

  • Provide necessary PPE such as masks, hand sanitizer, hand washing stations, face shields, etc.
  • Daily disinfection of all office surfaces and restrooms
  • Develop an exposure-response plan if an employee is exposed to COVID-19. The plan would include steps such as: getting tested, monitoring symptoms, and quarantining for 2 weeks.

Keep an Open Line of Communication

Communication with employees is the key to any successful business. Keep your employees in the loop, address their concerns, and answer questions when they arise. Update your plan as needed when new topics of conversation come up, or if there is an issue that needs to be resolved.

Re-Arrange your Office for Safe Social Distancing

COVID-19 is still a threat to your business and your employees, which is why social distancing in the workplace is a key component to returning to work safely. Reconfiguring workstations so they are at least 6 feet apart is important. Consider installing plexiglass barriers between workstations so employees feel they are protected. You can even have air scrubbers and filtration systems installed to keep the circulating air in your office clean.

Prioritize your Employees

It is important to remember, that even in the most desperate of times, your employees are still showing up for your company every day, risking their health and safety of their loved ones around them. Show them that you are grateful and that you care. Consider extra perks for all employees once they return to the office such as:

  • Extra PTO
  • Offering extra benefits such as gym, or club memberships
  • Fun social distancing activities
  • Weekly work from home days
  • Offering voluntary, flexible work schedules

Returning to work is an important step for everyone, but it must be done safely with the consideration of your employees at the forefront of the plan. If you need help developing your return to work plan, or re-configuring your office space before your employees return, call Fry-Wagner today to speak with one of our commercial moving experts. We are here to help keep both you and your employees safe in the workplace to make the transition into in-office work easier for everyone.