Cross-docking is the logistics practice of unloading materials from one trailer to another with little to no storage in between. This practice helps streamline the supply chain and aids products to reach the destination in a timely manner. Fry-Wagner Relocation & Logistics assisted in a major cross-docking project for a large retailer in the Summer of 2019. Learn more about the project, and how cross-docking with Fry-Wagner can help you with your next logistics project.

The Cross-Docking Project:

Faced with the task of upgrading several hundred stores, a large retailer began the search for a logistics provider to manage their cross-docking and storage needs. The customer needed a provider with a significant warehouse footprint and the resources in equipment and labor to successfully accomplish a large-scale project within a strict timeline. After an elaborate bidding process, Fry-Wagner was selected based on our proven industry expertise, trusted specialty service portfolio and cost-effective supply chain solution.

Fry-Wagner’s Cross-Docking Process:

One of the most important aspects of a successful logistics project is coordination. Fry-Wagner coordinated pick-up schedules with vendors to give adequate transit time to fulfill the cross-docking needs of our customer. As product arrived at the Fry-Wagner warehouse, warehouse staff inspected the condition of the arriving inventory and sorted the product to count each item received. The Coordination team provided daily receiving reports to the customer, so they were aware of all timelines and project milestones.

Our skilled team of logistics professionals also helped identify any damages to pallets/products. If damage was discovered, pictures were taken of the damaged pallets, including the pallet label, prior to unloading. All damage was noted on the Bill of Lading, and the customer was notified within 12 hours of receipt. Once all the product was received and separated on a store level, our team set up pick-up appointments with the carrier to get the materials to the store in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

Communication is key during a project of this magnitude. Therefore, our staff quickly responded to questions received from the customer’s team, proactively tracked all shipments, and updated the customer’s field communication tool with all pertinent information. An emergency contact was also assigned, so the customer could get a hold of someone if an issue were to arise.

Cross-Docking Challenges:

Many challenges can arise during a cross-docking project. However, choosing an experienced logistics provider, can minimize unforeseen project costs and interrupted schedules. With proper planning, coordinating, and communication, Fry-Wagner was able to avoid some of the most common issues that affect cross-docking projects around the world.

  • Fry-Wagner scheduled inbound shipments with enough timing to accommodate the customer’s expedited outbound schedule.
  • Our warehouse staff efficiently verified inventory counts and proper labeling requirements for all inbound inventory to ensure the project remained on schedule.
  • Fry-Wagner’s Logistics team coordinated with a multitude of carriers to ensure warehouse appointment times were upheld throughout the project.

Despite all the challenges faced in this project, Fry-Wagner ensured our customer’s project was a success, by providing quality warehousing and cross-docking services.

Materials and Equipment Used:

As a fully-equipped warehouse, Fry-Wagner also provided all the necessary equipment to properly handle the customer’s material throughout the warehouse handling and storage process. Fry-Wagner implemented appropriate measures to increase the efficiency of moving pallets throughout the warehouse. Some specific materials and equipment used were:

  • Forklifts
  • Forklift Extenders
  • Hand Trucks
  • Pallet Jacks
  • Pallet Jack Extenders
  • Racking
  • 75,000 SQ FT of warehouse space

Fry-Wagner’s team of logistics professionals were there for our customer every step of the way during this high-profile project. The expert logistic services provided allowed our customer to complete their retail project in a timely manner. When it comes time for your next rollout, reach out to one of our knowledgeable experts to see how Fry-Wagner can customize a supply chain solution for your project needs!