Home staging is one of the most trending strategies to sell a home. Staging a house with neutral and minimal décor allows a buyer to easily picture themselves living in the home. Creating a warm and inviting space will encourage potential buyers to put down an offer on your home. We have put together a list of 5 easy tips for staging your home, to help it sell fast!

  1. Get Rid of Clutter

To create a neutral space, it is important to declutter your home before the staging process can actually begin. Get rid of any bulky furniture pieces, pack away personal items and take down all family photos. Some realtors may suggest to get rid of all of your furniture, so they can replace it with more modern and simple pieces. If this is the case, portable storage is a great solution. Portable storage allows you to move your personal items out of your home to be stored until you are ready to move into your new home. Learn more about how portable storage with Fry-Wagner can be an easy solution during the home staging process.

  1. Do a Deep Clean

Potential buyers can stop by your home at any point in time for a showing, so it is important to make sure that your home is clean during the selling process. Shiny floors, crystal clear windows and squeaky clean surfaces will make your home feel livable and more inviting.

  1. Decorate the Dining Room

The dining room is a space that is often overlooked during the staging process. Many potential buyers see the dining area as a valuable space, as it will be one of the main rooms that their families will be spending time in. It is suggested by home staging experts to put extra effort into the dining area. Some things you can use to make your dining room more appealing are chair covers, formal plating arrangements, or a large centerpiece for the table.

  1. Choose Neutral Colors

When it comes to purchasing a home, buyers are looking for a space that they can make their own. Choosing neutral paint colors such as white, beige or gray will make the home feel more welcoming and appealing to buyers. Wallpaper can also be an eye sore, and it is suggested to remove all wallpaper from your home.

  1. Open your Closets

When visitors do a walk-through in your home, open your closet doors. Make sure the items inside are organized. Closet space is sometimes a make-it or break-it selling point. If your closet doesn’t offer much space, add some shelves or organizers to make it look more spacious.

We know just how stressful selling a home can be, and we believe it is important to have the resources available to make your home sell fast! Once you have sold your home and you are in need of a mover, contact your friends at Fry-Wagner to help you get a head start on the move process.