Today is officially the first day of summer, which means moving is in full swing. Summer is the busiest season for moving companies all over the country. Hundreds of thousands of people choose to move in the summer due to better weather, summer breaks, and promotions. There is a lot to know about moving, whether it be in the summer or any other time of the year. Check out these summer moving statistics below!

  1. According to a study in 2015, 50% of people planning a summer move are moving to a new state.
  2. The busiest days of the year to move are June 30th, July 31st, and August 1st.
  3. The average move takes 4 weeks to plan. That is why it is so important to plan! Make sure to schedule your free in-home estimate at least 4 weeks before your move date.
  4. Studies show that 32% of females and 28% of males move every summer.
  5. Half of all moves take place during the summer months. That means that 50% of moves that are done all throughout the year are crammed into just 3 months of the year!

If you are planning a summer move, it is important to get ahead! Moving companies all over the country are reaching capacity for services. It is imperative to make sure you are prepared so your dates will be available. Call your friends at Fry-Wagner today to schedule a free, no obligation in-home estimate today!