Within the last 10 years, the scope of work involved in completing long distance moves has changed drastically. With the demand for smaller moves weighing 5,000 pounds or less on the rise, container moves have become a trending option in the moving industry. Snapmoves is United Van Line’s newest container program for customers who have less items to move a long distance. Learn more about why the Snapmoves program is increasing in popularity with our customers below.

  1. Guaranteed Move Dates

Unlike traditional interstate moves, Snapmoves allow our customers to select specific pick-up and delivery dates that work best for them. This prevents longer delivery spreads, which are often common with smaller shipments.

  1. Fast and Reliable

Snapmoves gives customers exclusive-use to securely packed, loaded and sealed containers.    This, along with the guaranteed load and delivery dates, makes the move process itself much faster and more reliable.

  1. Loading & Unloading Services

Qualified United crews will load and unload all items at no additional cost. This ensures that all items are properly handled and placed in desired locations in the new home.

  1. Experienced & Certified Crews

Fry-Wagner is a certified Snapmoves agent for United Van Lines, which means our crews are properly trained to pack, load and transport Snapmoves containers safely and efficiently. One of our seasoned Move Coordinators and Sales Representatives will work with the customer every step of the way to ensure that all questions and concerns are addressed, while also keeping them updated on their shipment.

  1. Additional Services & Coverage

Additional services can be included with Snapmoves containers like storage, packing, and more. All Snapmoves containers come with a coverage of $10,000 per container, providing our customers with a sense of relief knowing that their items will be protected in case any damage were to occur during the move.

If you are planning a long distance move and your shipment is 5,000 pounds or less, a Snapmoves relocation could be the perfect solution for you. Fry-Wagner has provided over 100 years of quality moving services to our customers on a local, national and global level. Contact us today to learn more about our Snapmoves program, and how we can assist you with your upcoming move!