In today’s economic climate many Americans are considering other options for work, including working abroad. Although working abroad is not for everyone, it has been growing in popularity among Americans in recent years. Learn more about why Americans are seeking to take their work abroad and the benefits of moving to a new country.

  1. Paid Travel Expenses

Traveling abroad is costly. Since many Americans can’t afford to move their entire life to a new country, several international companies offer to pay for both travel and moving expenses. If you are lucky enough to land a position with this perk, you will get to move to a new country for free. In addition, you get to explore all the country has to offer while getting paid!

  1. Learn a New Language

America is one of the few countries in the world that does not teach children multiple languages. In many other countries, English is taught right alongside native languages. Whereas, in America foreign language is normally optional and not taught until much later in life. Learning a new language is appealing to many Americans. So many seek work internationally to provide them an immersive experience to learn a new language quickly.

  1. Learning New Skills

Learning new skills comes along with any new position.  However, working a new job in a new country allows you to gain a completely new skill set. Navigating a new city without knowing the language will make you resourceful, and learning new programs, cultural norms, and networking practices will help you grow professionally.

  1. Personal Development

Moving and working abroad will push you out of your comfort zone and help you grow as an individual. Those who need a change in environment and like to push themselves to new limits, find working abroad appealing in this aspect. Calling a new country home allows you to gain new perspectives and learn new things about yourself.

  1. Polish your Resume

Making the move to work abroad is great for your resume. With more Americans going to college more than ever before, the job market has become more competitive. Working abroad will boost your resume and give you an edge over future applicants. This will show potential recruiters and hiring managers that you are flexible, independent, and have additional language skills to set you apart from the crowd.

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