Coordinating a commercial move and making the transition can be stressful for a company as a whole. It is important to be prepared during this move process to ensure quality of not only the relocation process but also the employees and their work. Here are 4 ways to minimize company downtime, so you and your employees can stay productive during your office relocation.

  1. Have an Open Discussion: Your employees will have questions, so within your discussions be sure to promote the benefits and value of the relocation for the company’s productivity and growth. Host open-door meetings about the move where anyone can attend and share their thoughts and concerns. It is also important to discussion requirements and responsibilities during the move process. If they will be responsible for packing and labeling their workspaces, clear direction and expectations will ensure a smooth move process.
  2. Rent out a Space: One easy way to minimize downtime is to rent out a temporary space for employees during the move process. Be sure to sit departments together in groups at the rental space to make the transition easier for employees. It is also important to have most of the resources that employees are accustomed to at their disposal during the transition period.
  3. Phase the Move Process: It might be considered ideal to tackle your commercial move all at once, but in reality that can increase overall downtime. Divide the move process into phases by moving one department at a time, moving major equipment, and then getting everything set up and organized properly.
  4. Work from Home: Never overlook the option to allow your employees to work remotely. If your company has the tools and capability to do so, this allows for little distraction caused by the move process. It also gives employees a break from the old office and time to themselves to adjust to the thought of a new workspace and commute.

A commercial move allows for new opportunity and growth for your company as a whole. It is important that your employees feel valued and committed to their work throughout the move process. For more information on commercial moving, or to receive a quote for an upcoming move, contact us today!