Spring and summer are two of the best seasons to start renovations in your home. If you are planning to remodel your home soon, consider using a portable storage container to assist you throughout your project! Here are 3 easy ways a portable storage container can come in handy during all your home renovations.

  1. Decluttering

Before you can even begin a project inside your home, it is important to de-clutter. With help from a Fry-Wagner portable storage container, you can easily remove all your unwanted clutter and store the items in your container during the process. Once the remodel is complete, you can put all your items back to where they belong in your new space!


2. Storing all your Tools & Materials

If your upcoming remodel is a DIY job, chances are that the raw materials and tools you will be using throughout the process will take up more space in your home than anticipated. A portable storage container will allow you to store all the equipment in an easily accessible but out of the way space. All Fry-Wagner portable storage containers are also waterproof and lockable, meaning your items will always be in a dry and secure environment!


3. Storing Furniture

It is important to have large pieces of furniture and bulky items out of the way during your project. Whether it is old or new furniture, you can store all your items in your container until your project is complete and you are ready to furnish your space.


Tackling any kind of home renovation can be difficult! Portable storage containers can take the stress out of the process by providing you with a clutter-free environment and a secure, weatherproof place to store your items right by your doorstep. Learn more about our portable storage containers today, and how we can help you with your latest project!