The ongoing pandemic is causing major changes to the American workforce. Many Americans no longer work in a traditional office environment, and instead are working from home either on a temporary or permanent basis. This can be a large adjustment for many who have worked in an office for years. Check out our 3 tips for helping employees adjust to working from home below!

  1. Designate an Office Space

It is important for all workers to have a designated office space. Many workers who spend their days working at the kitchen table, or on the couch are less productive. Encourage employees to establish a private area of the house, preferably with a door, as their office space. All employees should have a desk, and all their office essentials that will help them get their work done. Ask all your employees if they have a designated office space, and if they do not, consider assisting by purchasing the proper equipment needed to make their work from home experience easier.

  1. Keep a Routine

Without the normal daily grind of getting up early, getting ready, and driving to work, it can be hard for employees to be motivated (and awake) when they start their workday. Encourage your employees to keep a similar morning routine and create a checklist of tasks that need to be completed throughout the day. This will keep your employees motivated and focused.

  1. Social Interaction

One of the hardest parts about working from home is lack of social interaction. All communication comes through email or phone calls. Employees are used to seeing familiar faces every day and talking about both their professional and personal lives with their co-workers. It is important to keep this bond and comradery among employees. Set up daily or weekly video meetings. Not all meetings have to be all about work either! Make the meetings fun and exciting and allow your employees to catch up with one another.

Working from home does not have to be hard if you keep your employees happy and engaged! If your company is planning to transition into remote work on a permanent basis, Fry-Wagner is here to assist with any relocation of furnishings, computers, printers, etc. Fry-Wagner also provides professional IT Disconnect-Reconnect services. Learn more about how our commercial team can help your business today!