There is no better feeling during a move than unpacking your last box. Finally, all the hard work is over, and you can settle into your new home, right? Wrong! You may have unpacked your final box, but now you will find that your new home is littered with empty boxes. The clutter of empty moving boxes can feel overwhelming, as they can create a large mess and take up a lot of space throughout your new home.

So, how can you get rid of all of those empty boxes? If you moved locally with Fry-Wagner in St. Louis, Kansas City or Springfield, MO you can call your move coordinator to schedule a debris pickup. If you did not move locally with Fry-Wagner, or moved yourself, you may find it difficult to schedule a debris removal. Most other moving companies in the United States charge anywhere between $50-$200 for a debris pickup after a move. To save yourself both time and money, here are 3 tips for a DIY debris removal.

  1. Recycle

The process of purging all those empty boxes can be time consuming, but can be great for the environment! Take all your boxes and store them in one area of your home. Start breaking down a handful of boxes and lay them in a neat stack. Continue to do this over the course of a few days or weeks. Once you have a nice flat and neat stack of broken down boxes, bind them with zip ties that you can purchase at your local hardware store. Load your stacks of boxes up in your personal recycling bin or transport them in your vehicle to your local recycling bin. You can typically find community-recycling bins in school and church parking lots.

  1. Reuse

Boxes are incredibly versatile; you never know what you may need to use them for! Just like in tip number one, you can break down all your boxes overtime and bind them together in a neat stack. This make your moving boxes ease to store somewhere in your home (preferably a dry space). Then, if you are ever in need of a box for either a gift or another move, you have plenty of boxes already at your disposal.

  1. Create Something

Practice using your creativity! You can do so many projects with cardboard boxes. You can create almost anything out of a box, like easy storage solutions for your new home! Check out some cool DIY projects you can tackle using your leftover moving boxes. For more ideas, visit Fry-Wagner’s Out of the Box blog!

We understand just how stressful the move process can be, and how difficult it can be to get rid of all your moving boxes. Whether you decide to recycle, reuse or create something new out of your leftover moving boxes we hope that you are easily able to rid yourself of the empty box clutter, so you can finally settle into your new home. Remember, if you moved locally with Fry-Wagner, contact your move coordinator to schedule your free debris pick-up today!