Halloween is just a day away! If you recently moved, finding a Halloween costume for either yourself or your kids has probably been the last thing on your mind. If you need a last minute, cheap, and easy Halloween costume, grab a leftover moving box and get to work! Below you will find 10 Halloween costumes made from cardboard boxes.

  1. Fish Tank


Photo Courtesy of: www.costume-works.com

This costume is so easy to make! All you need is a couple cardboard boxes, brown paper, saran wrap, and other household items. Learn more about how you can create this costume here.

  1. Vending Machine


Photo Courtesy of: www.costume-works.com

What will you be craving this Halloween? Put a small box inside a large box, grab some black paper, saran wrap, and your favorite snacks an you have a portable vending machine! You can take this costume a step further by figuring out a way to “dispense” some of your snacks to other trick or treaters! Learn more about how to put this costume together here.

  1. Rubik’s Cube


Photo Courtesy of: www.costume-works.com

All you need for this nostalgic costume is one large box, a pair of scissors and some paint. Learn more about how to create this puzzling costume here.

  1. Haunted House


Photo Courtesy of: www.costume-works.com

You can have both the creepiest and most creative costume on the block by transforming your moving boxes into a haunted house! All you need is a box, some Halloween decorations and a scary mask to put this ensemble together. Start creating your haunted house here!

  1. WHAC-A-ME


Photo Courtesy of: www.costume-works.com

Put a new spin on an old classic! Create this awesome costume with a few boxes, some paint, and a picture of your face. No jokes needed with this costume, it’s a trick all in itself! Get started on it here.

  1. Barbie


Photo Courtesy of: www.costume-works.com

This costume is perfect for the child in your life who loves Barbie or Ken! You can easily create a barbie box with some scissors, paint, and a few accessories. Learn more about how to make this costume here.

  1. Pair of Dice


Photo Courtesy of: www.costume-works.com

This is a perfect couples costume! Make this pair of dice with 2 large moving boxes, some paper and paint. Take it a step further by have the “6” in the front to make snake eyes, perfect for Halloween! Get started on this costume here.

  1. Choo Choo Train


Photo Courtesy of: www.costume-works.com

This costume is great for a little one who loves trains. All you need is a box, some suspenders, a hat, and a lantern. Try creating this costume here.

  1. iPad


Photo Courtesy of: www.costume-works.com

This is probably one of the easiest DIY costumes. Grab one of your moving boxes, some paint, and print some “apps” from Google images and glue them on! Get more details on how to make this costume here.

  1. Present


Photo Courtesy of: www.costume-works.com

It’s a nightmare before Christmas! Wrap up a box, cut out some arm holes, stick a bow on your head, and maybe even add some creepy makeup to add a little Halloween spirit! Learn more about this costume here.

We hope everyone has a fun, safe, and happy Halloween! For more information on what to do with your leftover moving boxes, or to schedule a free in-home estimate for your upcoming move, contact us today!